6 life hacks from my favorite TED talks

This week I’ve been revisiting a few of my favorite TED Talks. TED–which stands for technology, entertainment and design–is a non-profit that sponsors conferences around the world focused on “ideas worth sharing.” They recently celebrated one billion TEDTalk views and have partnered with Mashable to create TopTED, which features the favorite talks of celebrities, visionaries and innovators.

I’ve got a huge list of favorite journalism and social media talks that I’ll share later. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite “life hacks.” Each one offers a simple tip or idea that can enhance your life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Abigail Washington on trying new things

As the old saying goes, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.


Shawn Achor on cultivating happiness at work

Ninety percent of our long-term happiness is dependent on how our brains process the world. Simple habits can retrain the mind and cultivate deeper experiences of pleasure and happiness–even at work.


Derek Sivers on how to start a movement

Leadership is over glorified, Sivers says. It’s the first follower that transforms a single nut into a movement. Have the courage to be the first one to join in and help nurture the other followers.


Amy Cuddy on how body language shapes us

Changing your posture can change your life.


Nancy Duarte on the secret structure of great talks

Artful storytelling is the most effective tool for spreading ideas.


Dr. Terry Wahls on eating our vegetables

Dr. Wahls cured herself of Multiple Sclerosis by cutting out processed foods in favor of leafy greens, brightly colored vegetables and grass-fed meats.