‘Best of Semester’ award winners Fall 2015


Perfect attendance

  • Tim Anderson, Lauren Cohen, Courtney O’Brien, Christina Billos, Deion Broxton, Jasmine Green
  • Graduating seniors: Deion Broxton, Alex Pittman, Sydney Adamson, Lauren Cohen, Max Venezia, Michael Bell

Student choice: Best reporting & Writing

Student choice: Best photos

Student choice: Best multimedia

Judges choice: Best story of the semester


  • Best cliché hunter: Deion Broxton. From the very first review session, he was ruthless (and helpful) in finding and deleting clichés.
  • Best brainstorming buddies: Lauren Cohen, “She was a great help when it came to discussing various ideas and gave great support.” Kaili Corkran & Jasmine Greene, “They helped me with new ideas that would improve my story.” Chris Petrides “He was really transparent and encouraging!”
  • Survival award: Chris Draughn. “For taking capstone, editing, featuring writing and reporting all at the same time.”
  • Most thorough editors: Courtney Obrien, “She always editing everything and wasn’t afraid to give an honest critique. She always presented great points from the reader’s perspective.” Rachel Porto, “She showed me ways to improve instead of just saying ‘this needs to be better.’ ” Tim Anderson, “He was really good at finding inaccuracies, holes and unanswered questions.”