‘Best of Semester’ award winners Fall 2016

Best story of the semester

Student choice awards


  • Perfect attendance: Dante Barboy, Tyisha Henderson, Ian Jett, Alex Kellum, Caitlin Moynihan, Monet Stevens
  • First two students to come up with a capstone idea: Chanda & Taylor, who emailed me Aug. 2 before school even started to discuss ideas.
  • Best worker under pressure: Chanda. Her multimedia came together late, but she pulled it off and was a close second for Wildcard
  • Student who has already gotten her work published: Taylor, whose piece on Black Republicans aired on WYPR before the election.
  • Best row buddies: Kristen, Kieran, Caitlyn, Kyana
  • Best helper for whenever we don’t know what we’re doing: Alex
  • Most likely to come to class with a smile: Tim
  • Best advisee in class: Jared, who was my advisee before I went on sabbatical, but was assigned to someone else while I was gone. It was great to see his face again and to finally work with him as a student.
  • Best growth as a writer: Tyisha, who had a long conversation with me about SVO and had a light bulb moment. She is to be commended for looking at every single sentence and transforming her writing.