‘Best of Semester’ award winners Fall 2014


And the winners are…

Perfect attendance

  • Caryn Altman, Cari Ashkin, Cayla Baker, Megan Cronhardt, Carlie King, Becca Nappi, Amy Procaccini, Chris George, Danielle Moore
  • Graduating seniors: Catie Curry, Denise Tillman

Wildcard story winners

Student Choice Awards, Monday class

Student Choice Awards, Tuesday class


  • Best Helping Hand: Denise. “She was always willing to help with Creatavist and anything else I needed.” “It seemed like every week she gave me about 50 new ways to attack my story. We had the same topic but talked about different things and she still would text me with ideas that she couldn’t use but that I might be able to.”
  • Best Brainstorming Buddy: Caryn. “She was constantly there to help me bounce ideas off of and gave me great advice and suggestions.”
  • Best Feedback: Cayla, Ron. “She always provided excellent feedback.” “He always provided really good and honest feedback for my stories and told me how I could improve.”
  • Hardest worker: Danielle. “She constantly strives for the best in her work. She put in a lot of effort into every part of the process, especially giving critiques and advice to classmates.”
  • Best vote of confidence: Catie. “She always made me feel good about the work I’d done.”

Judges’ Choice Award: Best Story of the Semester