Design Tools


Note: You can use any story tools you like to publish your story. These are a few that past students have used.


15 tools to design your website

WordPress 2017 theme

What most students end up using: Atavist/Creatavist. Exports to web, e-readers, the Creatavist app, or your own app (with upgrade).


  • SoundCloud: Upload audio
  • Lab exercise: Use Atavist to demonstrate SoundCloud. Bonus: can you figure out how to use the SoundCloud embed code in picture captions? If so, create a photo gallery with SoundCloud embeds in each caption.


  • Projeqt, audio, video and real-time inserts into stories
  • Timeline JS, Google spreadsheet based timeline builder
  • Timeglider.
  • Setup an account and create a dummy timeline on Timeline JS, using any text or photos you like.



  • Professional example: Baltimore Homicides 2015, data visualizations
  • Raw
  • Piktochart
  • Lab exercise 1: Setup an account and create a dummy graphic on using any text or data you like. Demonstrate the platform to the class.
  • Lab exercise 2: Assign one of your group members to compare the remaining infographic tools. What are the main advantages and disadvantages to each? Be sure to search for “infographic generator” on Google. Are there other sites we should list here?

Image tools

  • StoryMap makes a map based on an image
  • Thinglink makes an image interactive
  • Juxtapose compares two images side-by-side
  • Lab exercise: Using examples that you find or create, demonstrate to the class how StoryMap, ThinkLink or Justapose could be used in our stories.

Free, licensed images

Browser & device emulators