Four favorite slideshows

I love the slideshow assignment. It gives students a break from writing and a chance for a few of those lessons to sink in while they work on something physical and hands-on.

And studying slideshows gives us something fun to do in class. Here’s four I always use:

  • One in 8 Million, The New York Times. Pick any story here. They are all fantastic.
  • The Marlboro Marine, by Luis Sinco, The Los Angeles Times. Though at 16 minutes its a bit long, the interview and the images are compelling and intimate.
  • The Water Dance, by Bill Cunningham, The New York Times. I love Cunningham’s work and really enjoy hearing him laugh in this piece.
  • The Chess Competition, by Jenna Isaacson, Columbia Daily Tribune. You can’t listen to this soundtrack without falling in love with this kid. There’s a lot of attention paid to the details here. Notice the nat sound, the combination of wide, medium and tight images and the way the photos and sound match.

Two student slideshows that standout: Tugboat Tales by Ally McNamara and Roller Derby by Olivia Obineme.