Making smart use of RSS feeds

I keep tabs on over 164 websites everyday. And I’m about to add 60 more–the blogs you’ve set up for this class.

I used to keep a long list of bookmarks to organize my web reading. But it was onerous setting up those lists, opening all of the websites one by one (only to find some hadn’t been updated) and exporting the bookmark list to every computer I was using.

Now, by using RSS feeds, Google Reader does all that work for me.

In class today we’ll be talking about how to use RSS feeds to keep up with all the news and blogs you’ll be using on your beat, in this class and in your life. I’ll show you how to subscribe to and organize any website you’d like to keep an eye on.

But if you have no idea what an RSS feed is and have never heard of Google Reader, you’ll want to watch this video:

Managing your RSS news feed

1. First, start subscribing to blogs and webpages

2. Use blogrolls to find other good blogs. Once you find a blog, check out the blogroll. For example, follow 10,000 words, and then check out the blogroll. Check out the blogrolls of those blogs, and so on.

3. Use available tools to help you find blogs, such as:

4. Manage your feed using tags or folders.

5. Share your feed, and subscribe to other people who are sharing. (By the way, here’s my public news feed.)

6. Finally, make it a daily habit to check reader so those unread posts don’t pile up. (There’s a mobile version, too.)

Advanced method for the ambitious:

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