MCOM 257: Using social media


FOX 4 Social Media Spoof an Unexpected Internet Hit:

How I use social media

Ways journalists use social media

1. Build your network, build your brand

In class practice: following pages and lists

Follow our class guest speakers: @TimoniumPatch, @bpsears, @johnemcintyre

Follow other reporters: @brianstelter@juliemore, @justin_fenton,

Follow the news: @thetowerlight, @towsonpatch, @baltimorebrew, @baltimoresun

Follow our class list

2. Listen to your readers, research topics

In class practice: searching

Sun auctioning Bodine collection


3. Tweet your breaking news and story links

In class practice: using hashtags like #mcom257

Sources tell me police have no plans to break up #occupybaltimore protest tonight or beyond, awaiting word from City Hall on next steps
Justin Fenton
PATCH FOLLOW-UP: #BaltCo Councilman Ken Oliver says he's leaving his state job.
Nick DiMarco

4. Give shout outs to the people whose information you share

In class practice: @replies and retweets

Breaking: @ to stop co-hosting "All Things Considered" for a year; husband is joining Obama campaign (via @)
Brian Stelter

5. Crowd source

i'm researching a story about the business dealings of Ray Lewis, No. 52, of the Baltimore Ravens. any ideas?
Gus G. Sentementes
I recently spoke with the heads of two baltimore IT companies who said they're growing and hiring. Anybody else seeing that in Maryland?
Gus G. Sentementes

Tip #1: Avoid these errors

Somebody just emailed me about freelance opportunities. He's in the 12th grade and can't spell "journalism."
Tyler Waldman
RT @ Interns: I know you heart Cosmo, so when I ask about the mags/blogs you read, mention something else. You'll stand out.

Tip #2: Read the manuals

Mashable’s Twitter Guidebook

Twitter’s manual for newsrooms

Facebook + Journalists

Tip #3 When news breaks, Storify

Tracking journalists’ arrests during Occupy protests

More hands-on practice

Sharing links & using

What’s one thing you can tweet about on Twitter?
What’s one mistake new Twitter users often make?
What are the best practices for using Twitter to make interview requests?


Post at least three tweets sharing a headline and a link relevant to this class on Twitter this weekend using the #mcom257 hashtag.