Audience building

Is anyone actually reading your blog? If not, it’s time to do some audience building.

5 Audience building questions to ask yourself

  • Am I creating shareable content? As our book reminds us, readers share content that inspires awe and emotion. Readers love positive content (and longer content…isn’t that surprising?) Does your content inspire awe or emotion? | Facebook’s 20 Most Shared Stories of 2011
  • Am I sharing my own content? This means visiting other the other blogs in your niche and commenting and sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter. It’s OK to kickstart your audience by sharing your links with mom and Aunt Fran on FB. | Grammar Girl: How to Write a Great Blog Comment
  • Do I make it easy for readers to share my content? Make sharing your content effortless for your audience by including sharing buttons in your posts. And encourage them to share (and comment!) | How to enable social sharing on WordPress
  • Can I find my blog using keywords alone? Think about this: what would a potential audience member be searching for in Google to find your blog? When you put those keywords in Google, does your blog show up? If not, it’s time to study some SEO–Search Engine Optimization. After all, your audience can’t read you if they can’t find you. We’ll be talking about this more next week. | 6 tips to improve your SEO
  • What does my site look like on iPhone? Droid? iPad? Your content should be available–and attractive–on as many different platforms as possible. WordPress does a great job of this, but you may change the way you structure your posts (your headlines, headers, lists, etc.) once you view them on other screens | Guidelines for Mobile Web Development | 8 Popular Online Apps to Test the Mobile Version of Your Site

Blogger’s Challenge

I once taught “beat blogging” in Writing for New Media where the goal for students was to reach 600 unique page views by the end of the semester. So here’s two challenges for you:

  • Can you get 10 comments on blogposts 8-16?
  • Can you get 100 page views?

There’ll be points on the next blog rubric for this.

One way to encourage blog comments…

…is to end your post by asking your audience a meaningful question. Here’s one:

Which of your posts so far has gotten the most page views? Why do you think this is?


13 comments on “Audience building
  1. The post that has gotten the most views for my blog is a review of Abbey’s Burger Bistro in downtown Baltimore. I think this has gotten the most views because in the headline, I not only mention the restaurant, but also the phrase “the best burger I’ve ever had,” and if someone uses a search engine to find the best burger around, my post may come up.

  2. My post welcoming readers to Atwaters had the most page views and two likes. I believe this is because it has to do with local food, which draws people in, and there is a delicious looking sandwich pictured on the page. Everyone loves food.

  3. The blog post with the most views is: Where The Heck Is Edgar Allen Poe? It was about Edgar Allen Poe not being included on the Library of Congress’s list of “Books that Shaped America.” I believe that this was most viewed because it is relevant and interesting to the audience that I am trying to reach.

  4. The most viewed entry I have is the one titled “Why Light Leaks are Cool” at with 8 views. I just posted it not too long ago and haven’t really promoted it yet but the reason I think it is the most viewed is because light leaks are a very popular trend in photography with both professionals and amateurs. It also has the prettiest photos in my opinion and is very visually pleasing.

  5. My Interview and My “Yale Daily Newspaper Hats” have gotten the most views. I think I got a lot of followers when I posted the Paper Hats piece because it was National Make a Paper Hat Day. So when people were looking up paper hats my blog probably came up. I think the interview has gotten a lot of views now because I have some followers who read my posts now. :)

  6. Kicking Off Tiger Talk got the most page views. It was my first post so, I think that has something to do with it.

  7. The post that was viewed the most was “Sunflower Fields Forever”.

    I was surprised that I had 70 views, however, I happy that readers are enjoying this article.

    It was my favorite place to go to so far, and I am glad others enjoyed seeing what I loved doing and exploring!

    I think this was the most viewed because of the pictures and the content I was sharing. It is by far my most in-depth blog post about what I did and the pictures I believe really helped bring the article to life.

  8. Most viewed is my events of the week posts. I think because people are informed about things that are going on everywhere in the DMV

  9. The post that received the most views was one promoting the album “What I Meant to Say”, by hip hop artist Just Plain Jones. I believe this post received the most views because he is the most established of all the artists on my blog, and he has the most professional sounding and looking project.

  10. Other than my first post which got six views, I got four views on three of my reviews I did. On the Snake Dog IPA, Frederick Oktoberfest, and The Fear posts I got four views each. Hopefully next month (when I have gotten more of a hang of this kind of writing/posting) I will have more success to talk about.

  11. So far my most viewed post is “Craft Beer” in that post i gave a brief definition of what craft beer is and I posted a few beer recipes, including George Washington’s personal recipe.

    I also commented on the rise of craft breweries in the US and posted some graphics illustrating my information.

    I think this type of content brought in readers, that were interested in my subject matter.


  12. The most viewed post on my blog was “Headphones Galor.” The reason for this is this was when everyone in class was looking at each others blogs and I guess this is the one that stood out on my page. According to Professor Spaulding, anything dealing with an iPhone or iPod is guaranteed to get views. Maybe the picture of the iPod headphones is what drew people to that post in particular.

  13. The most viewed post on my blog was my interview with Katy. It’s because she promoted it for me on her blog and I think I should continue trying to build a presence in the fitness blogger community so that people can learn about my blog through others.

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