Pages, headlines, cutlines

Hardcover book gutter and pages


Getting it all on the page

Infographics and plus ones

The design tools we’ve already talked about can be found here.

Web publishing

You can use anything you like. What most students end up using: Atavist/Creatavist.


  • SVO: Keep headlines short. Begin with a strong subject and verb. Ask yourself: who’s doing what?
  • Section heads: Upload your story in “chapters” to make use of Atavist’s section heads
  • One line: When possible, keep heads and subheads to one line. Remember: what looks like one line on your desktop may be multiple lines on your mobile.
  • Downstyle: Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.
  • Examples: Baltimore Sun (downstyle), NY Times
  • More tips


  • What to include: In present tense, describe who is in the photo, what is going on, where and when the photo was made. If needed, the second sentence should deliver context or background.
  • Photo credits: Give appropriate credit for each photo. Examples: (Photo: John Smith) or (Photo: John Smith / Used with permission)
  • Creative Commons licensing: If you use any images licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons license, be sure you understand the various license types and attribute correctly. Example: (Photo: John Smith / Used with permission CC BY 2.0)
  • AP Stylebook: When in doubt, check the section “Photo Captions” in the back of the AP Stylebook.
  • Examples: AP photos


People remember the way stories make them feel