Twitter: 10 rules for finding interviews

@incarceratedbob Bob, I'm a college journalism student interested in writing a feature on u, dm me if you could help me out w/ an interview
Bobby Mullen

This tweet breaks at least three of the Top 10 Rules to Follow for making interview requests on Twitter, according to College Media Matters.

This j-student doesn’t say give a reason for the feature, doesn’t provide a link to his own work and doesn’t use correct spelling.

Twitter can be a powerful tool. But remember, it’s public. Mind what you say. People are gathering first impressions and judging your professionalism by what you post.

(And if you think you’re circumventing that by keeping your profile private, then check out Rule #10.)

My favorite rule is Rule #1: Use Twitter as a search engine for sources, not the first point of contact.

Read the rest of the rules over on College Media Matters.