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Getting it all on the page

Design tools

The design tools we’ve already gone over can be found here.


  • SVO: Keep headlines short. Begin with a strong subject and verb. Ask yourself: who’s doing what?
  • One line: When possible, keep heads and subheads to one line. Remember: what looks like one line on your desktop may be multiple lines on your mobile.
  • Downstyle: Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.
  • Examples: Baltimore Sun (downstyle), NY Times
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  • What to include: In present tense, describe who is in the photo, what is going on, where and when the photo was made. If needed, the second sentence should deliver context or background.
  • Photo credits: Give appropriate credit for each photo. Examples: (Photo: John Smith) or (Photo: John Smith / Used with permission)
  • Creative Commons licensing: If you use any images licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons license, be sure you understand the various license types and attribute correctly. Example: (Photo: John Smith / Used with permission CC BY 2.0)
  • AP Stylebook: When in doubt, check the section “Photo Captions” in the back of the AP Stylebook.
  • Examples: AP photos

Other food for thought


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