Welcome to Camden Yards, Hon

Standing along the first base line.

Have you signed up to take a picture for the Daily Camden yet?

It’s a picture-a-day project of Camden Yards during the 2010 baseball season whether the team is in town or not. It’s the brainchild of Baltimore newspaperman and fiction writer Rafael Alvarez over on the website Welcome to Baltimore, Hon.

I’ve had three pictures posted. You can find my first in the May archive (May 3), my second in Extra Innings (June 27) and my third in the August archives (Aug. 19). Computer lab manager Richard Ellsberry also took a shot (July 30).

Several of my Towson students have already participated: Sam Smith (April 19), Carrie Wood (May 15), Olivia Obineme (June 7, June 27, and July 29), Melissa Hale (June 19), Kenneth Stukes (August 1) and Nick DiMarco (August 9).

Anyone can participate. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. All you have to do is email Alvarez: camden@welcometobaltimorehon.com.