What your future job might look like

AOL employs over 1,500 journalists and plans to hire hundreds more to launch hyper-local online news sites this year.

These new hires include three Towson alumni.

Former MCOM 407 student Nick DiMarco is editing a site for Lutherville-Timonium, which went live this week. Tyler Waldman will be covering Towson and Josh Flynn will be covering Bowie. Their sites are set to go live soon.

The site pairs hyper-local news coverage with classifieds, events and directory listings. Some are skeptical of the site’s prospects, others say the pay model makes no sense and that Patch editors are overworked. Others say the model will save journalism and reinvent AOL.

The job description calls for experience in community journalism, photography, video, web production and AP style. Exactly what we’ll be practicing here in MCOM 407.

Your job this semester is to produce a three-part multimedia journalism project and publish your work to a news site. This is a capstone course, and we’re going for a stellar portfolio-worthy project that not only shows off your reporting and writing skills, but your photography, video and web skills too. Here are a few examples:

I’ve got lots of ideas for projects, but I can’t wait to hear yours.

Here’s the links you’ll need:

MCOM 407 syllabus | schedule

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  1. We’re always looking for solid freelancers! If anyone needs an outlet for completing a class assignment or building a portfolio do not hesitate to get in touch.

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